Monday, May 4, 2009

NEW rurel jumpers. the journey

the end product with joel rippin the kanga on the kitchen floor.
there you go childeren

setting up the beast




this is just before the pressing of the design. the heat pad swings over the jumper. and with as much pressure i can set before giving myself a hernior or breaking a arm i clamp it down on the jumper. for abour 18 secs it is left to fry, and i then take it off. peel the paper off. and make sure everything is mad town. which you will see above.

rowands room which he let me borrow for the night. thanks rowand i love you so much. thanks row. cheers. .........bro

the press. this old girl is set to around 160 degrees and frys the jumper and print to become as one.
i brought this back in the old rural days. this is the first time i used in about 1 and a bit years for rurel. i will sell it one day, so if anyone wants a massive massive me

the mighty box of hell! i got this straight outa american apparel in america. after much effing around with customs. it finally landed into the sanction bmx shop where me and simon worked the order out. and a fair way to divide the increased tax's, thanks so much to sanction.

the design sheets cut up into their individual sectors. ready to be pressed onto the blank american apparel jumpers

THE JUMPERS...........i thought i would share the experiance with you

so after being in canberra i thought i would start this winter with a simple design to complement the great blank jumper of american apparel, which looks great blank. so i went with a simple design, and i think i will carry it through for all the winter range if i get myself into gear.

the jumpers were printed in a quantity of 20. i have almost sold all of them in the past 3 days. so i might have to order some more

this design was printed like the olden days. using my press, with screen printed transfers.

i drove from canberra, about 4 hours due to road works to complete this task. and went back the next day.

costs went up alot since last doing this. so i had to increase the price of the overall jumper....sorry.

running rurel is fun. i will be making more soon. ace!

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