Monday, August 16, 2010

Tri x 400 @ 800



just pretty much finished scanning a roll of Trix pushed to 800, some of the shots seemed to go nicely, developed by melself (Tmax Developer) its all good learning, need to get better at developing though i think. maybe experiment with some different chemicals in the up coming rolls to see how that works.

i am happy with a few of them, the others not so flash, here are most from the roll others may come soon....we will see!

enjoi, and remember....when your hood. your good

P.s. this roll was taken over 3 days in melbourne 2 weeks ago! oath


Selfy, this was verging on finishing the roll, i wanted to shoot some colour band photos, as seen down below, so this mirror was good enough to make me look hood and if not good enough to be hood and good at the same time. who knows!



Late nights with rowand at melbs.....they are fun!





the 4 images above were taken one late afternoon on RMIT village carpark, jack b came down to have a look. I then found mysefl randomly departing to his house to experiance one very fun fun night on chapel st....defs a highlight of the trip!



This backyard is easily the best backyard i have ever experienced, it has alot of things just chillmaxing...


there are still ALOT more photos to show, if they will ever been shown, who knows....and or who cares !

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