Wednesday, September 9, 2009

blades of glory
straight out of mid west
nasa staff shot
try hard
ned kellys son. the danger ranger
thumbs in pockets. the pocket monster sam

i got bored. forced sam joel and johnny cup cakes to stand in front of this thing whilst i ripped some clicks on tap! so thanks

not too stoked on life about these but i will put them up anyways. ya hear.


  1. good shots man, but the light and shadows are prob a bit harsh... do you have umbrellas or something you can use? they're pretty cheap on ebay these dayz

  2. hey bro

    yeh not too happy with them

    funnily enough i used a diy soft boxt to the left and far right i used a vivitar 285hv yeh.

    but yeh totally see how you mean with the harshness. i might invest in an umbrella.

    you use them much or what ?