Thursday, September 17, 2009

more rurel shitso


so i kinda had the urge to order some american apparel, on the way i though it would be fun to start up a couple of rurel shirts for spring/summer. so yeh. i wanted to start it with a simple text kinda design, this is it. its not amazing, but hey i cant really design bray! dont ask me why i do rurel in that case, i just do...but its fun. this design was supposed to be printed on 2 coloured shirts, ash grey apricot, and ash grey sea foam.
somehow i dont think those 2 colours are available, which is a pickle in the fridge, so white medium size and aprocot for smalls.....30-35 bucks all for an american apparel shirt.....hmmmmm comfy!

hopefully i can somehow design a shirt for the next installment of threads, a happy summer feel shirt on probs a white shirt again.

wow i wrote alot......tell me what you think anyways...cheers

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